(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ!
140 Years of History
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History of St. John Lutheran Church Building

1870 - Rev. Henry Christoph Senne lead in organizing St. John Lutheran church.

March 2, 1873 - dedicated first church, a frame 18’ X 28’ structure, next to the south third of the west wall of this church – cost $308.75

March 30, 1879 - dedicated second church, a stone 30’ X 50’ structure, on site of this church – a steeple 25’ high – cost $715.00

1883 - gift of the present 513 pound bell – cost $144.00

January 12, 1908 - dedicated present church (built from April, 1907 to early January 1908). Cost $13,000 including altar, pulpit, baptismal font, pews, crucifix, candelabra, hymnboard, furnace, and carpets – paid in full at dedication.

June 13, 1909 - dedicated 800-pipe pipe organ – cost $1,650.00 – first in county

Middle 1930’s - communion rail and kneelers between chancel and sanctuary installed

November 3, 1946 - dedicated Carrillonic Bells in thankfulness to God for safe return of all our WWII service men

February 20, 1949 - dedicated the present pipe organ

1951 - redecorated the interior of the church – painted blue

1969-1970 - exterior of church sandblasted and water proofed – rewiring and present light fixtures installed – interior painted gold-green – gold leaf on white of altar, pulpit, and baptismal font – painted white and then touched up with gold in a few areas – chancel steps extended on both ends to present length – present carpet laid – south porch enclosed to accommodate a secretary’s office, a small bathroom, and storage place – original stained glass windows repaired, releaded, and reinforced (original strained glass from two front windows on both sides used to restore the five lower transept and two back windows. The front windows were new stain glass.) Total cost $18,000 – Centennial observed September 27, 1976.

Middle 1980’s - cushions placed on pews

1987 - interior painted – Bible painted above chancel

May 1990 - gold leaf installed on the altar, pulpit, and baptismal font restoring them to original appearance.

June 18, 1994 - sealer applied to exterior

Summer 1994 - stained glass windows repaired, releaded, reinforced, cleaned, and polished by foreman and crew and Shenandoah Studios of Stained Glass, Inc. branch in Rogers, Arkansas, working from their trailer shop – upper part of the large transept windows covered with lexan.

Spring 1995 - church interior painted white and statue of Christ painted to original colors.

May 17, 1995 - at 3:00 am Alma struck for twenty minutes by a 60 to 90 mile- per- hour west wind driven hail storm. At day break Pastor and Mrs. Kellogg and members of the congregation found the lower nine windows shattered. Glass pieces and hail stones were on pews and the floor to the east wall of the nave. They picked up and saved many glass pieces and mopped water from the pews and floor. The lexan covered windows were not damaged. Pastor Kellogg called the glass company. Workmen came and removed the windows and took them and the glass pieces to their shop in Iowa. Congregation members boarded up the windows openings.

June 1995 - 125 year anniversary celebrated. Dr. Hoffmann and preached great services.

End of July restored windows were installed

1995 - installation of new carillon bells which chimes on the half hour, strike on the hour, and play a hymn at noon and 6:00 p.m.

November 5, 1995 - carillon bells dedicated to the glory of God in honor of all veterans of St. John Lutheran Church who served in WWI, WW II, Korean War, Vietnam, or Desert Storm.

Early summer 1996 - glass doors installed at the entrance of our church.

1999 - Now new carpet & ceramic tile in narthex

2004 - New doors installed in east and west to stop wind current from blowing through the north alcove entry.

2006 - Dedication of 10,000 square foot addition with bathrooms, church offices, fellowship area, and kitchen.

We invite you to become a part of the church today and a piece of its history tomorrow.