(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ!
Reports from Auxiliary Organizations

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness…
Galatians 5:22

    The St. John Lutheran Parish Nurse team consists of registered nurses commissioned and dedicated to providing health screenings, health education, and nursing service support to encourage Christ-centered wellness for church workers and laity.  The three nurses who served this year were:  Elaine Becker, RN; Janet Wertzberger, RN; and Sandra Wertzberger, RN.  Blood pressure screenings and health counseling were conducted each month on the second Sunday in the month following the morning service.  The blood pressure screenings provide opportunities to discuss health concerns and to review side effects and scheduling of medications.  Parish nurses also serve as resources to community services, outreach, and support groups.  Monthly topics on health education and updates were offered through the church newsletter.  Many of the articles are written by nurse educators who contribute to the Lutheran Parish Nurse International website.
    New equipment was purchased in 2019 to continue serving the health and wellness of the congregation.  A wall storage container was purchased to house the AED (defibrillator) equipment in a safe and accessible location to the church and Memorial Hall.  This emergency equipment is located near the east coat closet, across the hall from the church office.  A new blood pressure cuff and stethoscope were also purchased to replace previously loaned equipment.  These purchases were made possible through Thrivent funds donated by Aaron Grimm.  Thank you, Aaron!
    Janet Wertzberger attended the annual District Parish Nurse Conference at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Topeka.  This symposium offered detailed information on the medical, social, and emotional aspects of Parkinson's disease and the effects on the patient, family and community.  The program was personalized by retired Rev. Kenton Rohrberg of Hays, KS who spoke about his experiences learning to live with progressive dementia and Parkinson's disease.  His wife assisted in developing his presentation and shared how important it is to take care of the caregiver as well as the patient.  These concepts and practices can be applied to long-term illnesses and dementia in Christian care-giving.
    Thanks be to God for our caring congregation who supports our nurses to share Christ's love through parish nursing.

Janet Wertzberger, RN,
Parish Nurse


Altar Guild members are an integral part of the St. John family who serve the Lord by making sure that the chancel and sacristy are in readiness for all who gather around the Word and Sacraments at all regular and special worship services.  Duties include preparing the altar for the Lord’s Supper and making ready for baptisms, funerals, and weddings.  Other duties include keeping oil in all the candles, setting flowers out when they are available, changing the paraments, and hanging appropriate banners for the day or the season.
We appreciate and thank the individuals and families who place flowers on the altar in memory of loved ones or in thanksgiving for special occasions.  There is an altar flower sign-up sheet hanging on the pillar as you come into the church where you can enter the information on the date you would like to do this. Thank you to Karen Wright for her donation of communion wine.  A special thank you to Kathy Cox and the team of volunteers that spend many hours making the church beautiful for the Advent and Christmas season.  And a thank you to Pastor who is always available to answer questions and assist in every way possible.
Deborah MacGregor and Jeannie Stuewe have agreed to serve on the Altar Guild for the coming year. Deborah will assist the December committee and Jeannie will serve in Paula Moege’s place in June.  A big thank you to Paula who has been an active member of Altar Guild since it was organized on November 24, 1983. She will continue to embroider the baptismal remembrances. We thank her for her many years of loving service.
    Thank you to all those who served in 2019 and have willingly agreed to serve in the new year.  Those teams serving in 2020 will be:

January – Roxann Maike and Deanna Moege
February – Judy Peddicord and Cindy Smith
March – Gayle Grimm and Elaine Becker
Lent and Holy Week – Pam Stuewe and Whitney Holle
April – Barbara Theel and Ruth Wille
May – Carmen Altevogt and Sandra Altevogt
June – Jeannie Stuewe and Janet Wertzberger
July – Melissa Theel and Cindy Zeckser
August – Rose Debler and Helen Holenbeck
September – Erin Debler and Kara Mayer
October – Cheryl Buttenhoff and Becky Frank
November – Jennifer and Kaytlin Meseke
December – Kathy Cox, JoAnn Meyer and Deborah MacGregor

In His Service,
Ruth Wille, Chairwoman


The mission of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) is to assist each woman of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in affirming her relationship with the Triune God so that she is equipped to use her gifts in ministry to the people of the world!
St. John Lutheran Church has a LWML Friendship Circle organization that meets regularly on the fourth Friday of each month throughout the calendar year.  Our purpose and goal each month is to connect with God our Savior and Maker and to follow the path of service as directed by our Lord.
Each meeting is opened by a devotion and singing of a hymn. A member led Bible Study is followed by our business meeting and closing devotions.  Friendship Circle members participate in our Kansas District LWML activities, including spring and fall Zone Rallies hosted by societies in our zone.  We support Mite Box collections that support mission projects throughout the world and attend District and National LWML Conventions.
Each February we alternate hosting a Day of Prayer service with Trinity, McFarland.  The ladies of our congregation continue to serve funeral luncheons when the need arises.  We served the Alma Co-op annual meeting meal and furnished desserts for Lenten midweek services.  We also hosted a birthday party at the Alma Manor, passed out bottles of water at the Wabaunsee County 4-H fair, and took orders for poinsettias.  We made and gave gifts to the confirmands; donated to Wabaunsee High School after prom; purchased large print Portals of Prayer; and remembered our shut-ins at Christmas with a poinsettia. Noisy Sundays for mite collections are held on the 5th Sunday of a month. We made and tied 222 quilts together with 215 school kits, 4 health kits and 19 pounds of soap which were sent to Lutheran World Relief. 
We hosted our first Christmas Brunch for all ladies and girls in our congregation by furnishing food, playing Nativity left/right game and an Advent – Christmas program, “Sweet Christmas.”
The 2020 officers are:  President, Mary Reed Spencer; Vice President, Rose Debler; Secretary, Sandy Altevogt; and Treasurer, Joyce Diehl.
All ladies of the congregation are invited to join LWML Friendship Circle and to “Serve the Lord with Gladness.”

Joyce Diehl, Secretary


The youth continue to meet on the second Sunday each month directly after church.  During this time they are taking turns sharing a devotion, reviewing their treasurer’s report, and discussing past and upcoming fundraisers.
Teens for Christ were busy raising funds for their trip to the 2019 National Youth Gathering (NYG) and the future 2022 NYG. This year the youth reviewed the Super Bowl sub sandwich fundraiser and determined not to organize the fundraiser.  In the spring, the youth helped with Lent meals and the Sonrise breakfast Easter morning. Then in the winter, they offered an assortment of desserts following the Three Season Choir Concert along with serving meals before each Advent church service.
In July, eleven of our youth and five chaperones traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 2019 LCMS National Youth Gathering.  They boarded the bus in Manhattan with Lutheran Churches from Manhattan, Wheaton and Wamego. During their time in Minneapolis they participated in two service projects, attended faith growing sessions, Bible studies, service projects and exhibits at the convention, and they also enjoyed inspiring music and speakers at the stadium. In their free time they took in the sights at the Mall of America, Target Field, Minnehaha Falls. On their last day they experienced worshipping and communing with 22,000 Lutherans. 
In September, they invited upcoming youth to a backyard barbecue and games at Kaytlyn and Jacob Meseke’s home.  During the meeting in October they helped Mr. Songs freshen up “NO GOD… NO PEACE. KNOW GOD… KNOW PEACE.” on his barn along I70.  And in the December meeting the youth enjoyed a meal and games prior to the Three Season Concert.
We are thankful for the continued support of our congregation. Thank you for your prayers as we prepared and attended the 2019 Gathering.  Thank you for the help and donations towards our fundraising. Please encourage any teen to join us on the second Sunday directly after church, all are welcomed.

Respectfully,  Teens for Christ and parents

Members:Class of 2023:  Jacob Meseke (President), Ashley Piper, Annie Wright
Class of 2022:  Brayden Meseke (Secretary), Mayah Mumpower, Caden Yonke (Treasurer)
Class of 2021:  Eli Mumpower
Class of 2020:  Kaytlyn Meseke, Hannah Mumpower, Andy Parnell
Graduates:  Arron Becker, Kylie Evans, Kaytlin Savage, Kinsey Stuewe
Guests:  Shawn Becker, James MacGregor


2019 – 2020 Officers2018 - 2019 Officers
Erin Debler       President Jessi Wertzberger
Ashley Seematter     Vice-President Erin Debler
Jami Mayer      Secretary Ashley Seematter
Debbie Burch           Treasurer Debbie Burch
Chelsea Coon          Member-at-Large     Jamie Mayer

St. John Lutheran School continues to be blessed with parents, teachers, staff and families who generously give of themselves. The 2018-2019 school year was marked with our theme of "Rock Solid!”
The Lutheran Parent-Teacher League (LPTL) funded many different activities during the school year, including Gathering of the Talents in Seward, Nebraska, class field trips, Spring Fling, Awards Night, and Graduation. In addition, the LPTL has organized several fundraisers during the year, such as the pork chop supper, a live/silent auction and flower sales. This money raised has allowed the completion of Phase I of the school kitchen remodel this past summer. The LPTL also generously supports other needs as identified by SJ.LS teachers and staff such as art supplies, music and science supplies, playground equipment and maintenance, transportation expenses, and technology upgrades.
The LPTL also collects Coke Reward points, General Mills Box Tops, and Best Choice UPC labels. Other fundraisers include gift certificate sales (Scrip cards) and greeting card sales.
The school is looking forward to our annual National Lutheran Schools Week, which will be at the end of January and will include a Family Fun Event at CATTS.  The LPTL also sends out information packets to families in the area with children in the 0-3 year age range, and has organized a Shadow Day to give prospective families an inside look at SJLS.
We feel very blessed to have a Christian school in our community for our children. The LPTL would like to give a heartfelt thank you to St. John Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, the Board of Christian Education, the School Board, and members of our community for the generous support you give to our school.

Jami Mayer, LPTL Secretary