(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ!
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2021 Reflections

Laughter helps us to look at our situation, and continue forward in faith. Considering the year we have endured, perhaps this story from More Holy Humor is appropriate for us.
As he preached a funeral sermon about the resurrection for a long-time past member, the minister couldn’t seem to find a stopping place. The funeral director grew concerned about the time, and the upcoming arrangements at the cemetery, so he stepped over to a church member. “Does your pastor always speak this long at funerals?” he whispered.
“Yes, that’s a fine sermon!” came the reply from the slightly deaf congregant, nodding in agreement. Somewhat embarrassed, the funeral director agreed. And yet he continued to look at his watch every four or five minutes as the preacher droned on. After a few glances, the parishioners tugged at the funeral director’s sleeve. “What’s the matter?” he demanded. “Don’t you believe in the resurrection?”
“I sure do,” the funeral director responded. “But I am afraid we won’t get this man buried in time for it.” *

God comforts us in our losses. His Word of truth inspires us to greater faith, and to committed service in His Kingdom. We have suffered many losses this year. The loss of one tenth of our worshiping community made death a reality for everyone at St. John this past year. May God grant each of you peace in the assurance of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. We can expect to see those saints again in glory! We feel death’s sting, and we are crushed by the weight of God’s holy Law, however, we turn to the grace of Christ Jesus, and His promises for eternal life. You see, we do not lose hope.

God heals us in His time. The reality of this broken, sinful, world is that sin and its effects are real. Temptations combat us. Doubts assail us. Evil wounds us. Yet, Jesus provides an answer that is redemptive for us now, and regenerative for us for eternity. Jesus provides healing form our pains, relief from our worries, and forgiveness for our wrongs. You know, God remains faithful to us because of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

God prepares us for service. God tells us to carry His message of salvation, that is, the Gospel, to all in our community. We are to live as a family united in faith in Christ Jesus who gathers around the Word and the Sacraments, and to reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love in ministry to each other and to those without Christ. Worship services, our parochial school, Bible classes, board meetings, auxiliary groups and all activity is centered on the great task of doing God’s will, as expressed in 1 Timothy 2:4: “God would have all to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.”

God blesses our efforts. As we look at the work done here at St. John Lutheran Church and School, the following pages highlight the work that has been done during the past year. Thanks to all who gave of time, talents, and treasures for the purpose of God’s Holy Kingdom. We also have some schedules of those who are called to serve in 2022. May God’s blessings allow us to honor Him in this new year.
Blessings in Christ!           
Pastor Grimm

* More Holy Humor: Cal and Rose Samra. © 1997 by the Fellowship of Merry Christians, Inc. Guidepost: Carmel, New York, by special arrangement of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Parish Report
Includes: Baptisms, Received Into or Removed From Communicant Membership, Vital Statistics of our Congregation,
Attendance Record, Participation in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

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Includes: Cemetery Superintendent's Report, Memorial Gift Suggestions, and Highlights from Voter's Meetings and Activities