(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ!
Reports and Goals of the Church's Boards

The Elders generally met on the first Monday of each month. Each meeting opened with a study of the revised catechism.
Plans for the upcoming 150th anniversary celebration were discussed. The theme is 2020 Vision – Still About Jesus. Discussion included an ongoing celebration beginning in the spring of 2019 through
the summer of 2020, including guest preachers.
The church membership list has been divided among the elders. They are praying for the members
throughout the year.
The Board of Elders has been responsible for scheduling guest preachers to fill in during Pastor Grimm’s vacation days.
The Elders have also been involved in the plans for renewing the sanctuary floors and steps to the altar.

Respectfully submitted,
Brad Becker, Chairman


During 2018 the Board of Trustees worked to maintain our church, school, parsonage and cemetery to a high standard of safety, comfort and beauty to the glory of our Lord.
In addition to many routine repairs and upgrades, we completed the following in 2018:
  • Corrected defects at the school which were discovered when the State Fire Marshall made an inspection including:
oEmergency lighting in the tornado shelter (boys’ bathroom)
oReplace defective door closers
oModify the west entrance so that doors unlocked with the fire alarm
  • Replaced the west entrance doors at the school
  • Started roof repairs at the school to prevent leaks. Cold weather has suspended these repairs until spring.
  • Replaced all door latches at the school with keyed-alike handles
  • Developed a plan to replace the carpet in the church sanctuary
  • Developed a plan to refinish the hardwood floors in the church sanctuary
  • Began the process of repairing the nave behind the sanctuary altar
The Board of Trustees usually meets on the second Sunday of each month at 8:30 am. We welcome input from the congregation.
Thank you to all members of the congregation who assisted the Board in 2018. A special thanks to Jason Evans who completed six years on the Board.

2018 Board of Trustees
Jason Evans
Jared Schultz
Richard Orton


The Stewardship Board prepared the budget for 2019 and presented it at the October voters meeting, it was then approved at the special voters meeting in November. We also prepared the next year’s contribution envelopes.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to prayerfully consider what gifts you can give to the Lord’s work this year. There are many opportunities available where your talents can be used, such as, serving on  the Ushers staff, Altar Guild, serving on a Board, joining LWML, Hand Bells, Choir,  help with cleaning the facilities, pushing snow, or various other things, and yes, also with monetary gifts. 
We give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings he has bestowed on our congregation this past year and pray that he continues to bless us in the years to come.

The 2018 Board of Stewardship
(Ryan Theel, Paula Moege, Tim Songs, Judy Peddicord, Diana Rubottom)


In review the Board oversaw the School Board, Principal, Sunday School, VBS, Bible Classes and the Youth Group. You can see these reports in this publication.
The board continued its research on the LOGOS program. Several members of our committee attended the LOGOS program in Emporia at Messiah Lutheran. This gave us a good insight as to what the program offered. After the visit we decided to continue with our planning for the program. Our next step was to use the LOGOS format during VBS. We had the traditional LOGOS meals and rotating
sessions. This seemed to go over well. It was suggested in the LOGOS planning guide we have the congregation fill out a Visioning Tool survey. The survey was in the newsletter and also in the bulletin. The results showed the congregation felt there was a need for more youth education. With that positive feedback we had a “Meet and Greet” for the parents of children from 1st to 8th grade, and members
of the congregation and future volunteers. We had a LOGOS dinner and breakout sessions to give examples of what their children would experience. We had a question and answer session after the event. It was determined parents were interested but the meeting times were a concern.
After gather lots of information we realized congregations had staff to run their successful LOGOS programs. We voted to hire a LOGOS program director to get the program started and running. Our budget was increased by $6,000 to fund this position. It was approved at the voters meeting in the fall. A job description will need to be written. We are hoping the position can be filled from within the church membership.
The board also hosted a VBS picnic for children, parents, volunteers and church members. It was well attended.

Linda Orton, Jonathan Ringel, Dennis Theel, Kathy Schultz


There was only one adult instruction class held this year at St. John with one soul being confirmed. Another class will be beginning in January 2019.

Sunday School is for everyone. Come join us and bring a friend! This is our goal for the family Sunday School. We would like for more to come and share your faith with us. May the Holy Spirit guide you to do so.  There were a few Sundays when the attendance was strong – over 15 K-8th graders. However, there are some gaps. We would really like to have more consistency. We need to have High School bible class! Who is willing to help? Do you know someone that you would recommend?
A special thanks to all those who are helping with Sunday School – Pastor Grimm, Don Frank, Rev. Jim Mayes, Tim Swicegood, Dennis Theel, Cheryl Buttenhoff, Miriam Murray, Barbara Theel, Richard & Linda Orton, Tom Mussmann, Paul Savage, Rita Zeller, Heather Orton, and Kylie Evans.

God’s Blessings,
Phillip Theel, S.S. Superintendent 


This past year, two separate Sunday morning classes were offered.  The Pastor’s Class met in the gymnasium, where the study of Peter: From Fisherman to Fisher of Men was completed. The New Beginnings Bible Class used Lutheran Hour Ministries Video Bible studies, led by Don Frank. They are meeting in Celebration Hall.
In August, a new bible study began in the Sanctuary, with Rev. Jim Mayes instructing the class from the book of Genesis.
Two Crossways! Bible studies have completed the study of the books and themes of the Bible. Classes were held Thursday mornings & Sunday evenings. Lifelight studies on Sundays and Thursdays replaced the Crossways Series as participants explored the themes of Joshua. 
Breakfast Bible Class continued Tuesday mornings at Frank’s Plumbing and studies the appointed Scripture Readings for the next Sunday.
Stephen Ministry continues at St. John. Six Stephen Ministers are actively serving among us. Kyle Murray has trained to be a leader as we seek to train Stephen Ministers to build this ministry and increase our service to those who are hurting.
Large print hymnals have been given to the church, and are available for worship. Lutheran Hour sermons are sent to the church, and are in the bookcase in Memorial Hall. Please feel free to use these resources.
There is a sharing library in the music/study room (the pastor’s old office). Members may browse the shelves and borrow books. The library works on the honor system, and new books are available.


OUR 2018 VBS was a splashing success! The children attended VBS on Wednesday nights during the month of June. We kicked off the evenings with family-style dinners followed by the opening, singing and site rotations which included story time, Bible challenges, crafts, games, and more singing. The Splash Canyon curriculum taught the children that life’s ride can get wild, but God is always by our side through the calm waters and the rushing rapids. The children watched a video about mission work in Madagazcar. Offerings were collected during the week for the growing Lutheran church in Madagazcar. Thirty-nine children participated in our VBS with the help of 34 adults and teens.  Children attending the VBS were from the following grades:  Preschool / Kindergarten – 15; 1st / 2nd grade – 10; 3rd / 4th grade – 7; 5th / 6th grade – 7.

Submitted by Kathy Schultz

The mission of St. John Lutheran School is to provide a foundation in Jesus Christ and to
develop the God-given talents of learning.

Faculty:Volunteer Instructors:
Angela Bonnema    4th – 6thSheila WaltonTechnology
Whitney Holle, Lead Teacher         2nd – 3rd Deb Burch    P.E. 4th – 8th
Miriam Murray        K – 1st   Paul Savage  Classroom Volunteers
Angie Messer, Part-time Principal  (2018-2019)     Linda Orton   Classroom Volunteers
Mr. Merv Dehning, Principal (through June 2018)           Sandra Wertzberger      Classroom Volunteers
Adjunct Faculty:   Support Staff:
Rev. Robert GrimmSt. John    Rose Debler, Cook
Rev. Chris Vossler Trinity Gayle Grimm, AIDE
     Phillip & Barbara Theel, Custodians

The school board would like to extend a prayer of thanks to all whom have given of their talents towards the continuation of St. John Lutheran School. Your elected board members are very grateful of any and all support forwarded to the school.  I thank those of the board for the honor of serving as chairman.
Our school has had a trying time this past school year.  Many challenges have been posed directly and indirectly upon our school.  Although not unscathed, with God’s guidance, we will be able to see it through.  The board is working to understand and better prepare for any disruptions should they arise.
A call committee was formed early January to fill the soon to be vacated principal position.   Angie Messer has graciously offered her expertise to assume the mandatory principal duties for us, part time.  Additionally, the board has established a lead teacher position to assist the principal position with daily duties, until the position is permanently filled.   
The language arts curriculum was updated the previous school year, and the board is researching ways to improve other outdated curriculum, as well as the schools technology equipment.  Changes, hopefully, will be in place for the ’19—20 term.
The Kansas District, LCMS, has begun a pilot retreat program for school employees.  We sent a participant whom took part in the activity.  The board will analyze the feedback and make a determination of our continued participation in the program.
Embracing our congregational and school mission statements, a new tuition policy was enacted with the hope of bringing more students into the school, new members to the church and more faithfulness to Christ.
We finished the year with graduation, awards recognition, and the traditional last day picnic.  Another year in the books, the board began looking towards the current, ’18-’19 year. 

Jonathan Ringel
School Board Chairman, year 2018


New Theme:  The 2018-19 school year started with a new theme of "Rock Solid"
based on Isaiah 26:4: "Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock."

Staff Changes: This year saw changes to our teaching staff.  Because we had no 7th or 8th grade students, we only have 3 teachers this year. Mrs. Angela Bonnema remains as the 4th - 6th Grade teacher. Ms. Whitney Holle remains as the 2nd – 3rd Grade teacher, but also serves as Lead Teacher and Mrs. Miriam Murray continues to teach the Kindergarten - 1st Grade.  We also welcomed Mrs. Angie Messer as a Part-time Principal in the absence of a full time Principal.

National Accreditation: St. John Lutheran School continues to receive national accreditation from the NLSA (National Lutheran School Accreditation) commission.

New students: The 2018-19 school year includes 33 (Kindergarten through 6th grade) students enrolled.  New students include: Anna Debler (K), Owen Falk (K), Matthew Holding (K), Nicole McClusky (K), Dakota Murray (K), Ellinor Pfannenstiel (K), Alannah Sievers (K), Zakary Smith (3), Lucas Viergever (3), and Ava Viergever (4).

Chapel projects: Every Wednesday, we have Chapel in the sanctuary – please join us for any of our upcoming ones.  The 2017-2018 - 3rd quarter project was “Hearts for Jesus” project which raised $123.14 for Cross Point Lutheran School in Katy, Texas in cooperation with the Lutheran Schools of the Kansas District. $73.11 was collected for the 4th quarter for St. John Lutheran Church to cover chapel expenses for the 2017-2018 year. 2018-2019 1st quarter Chapel project raised 146.31 for Missions in Africa and $240.15 for Santa’s Express as the 2nd quarter Chapel Project.

Academic awards for 2017-2018: Perfect church &/or Sunday school attendance – Sterling Bonnema (K), Elijah Seele (5th) and Rose Walton (8th). Perfect School Attendance – Tucker Murray (4th) and Elijah Seele (5th); Honor Roll (4 out of 4 quarters) – Hannah Ringel (3rd), Tucker Murray (4th) and Elijah Seele (5th).

Children Christmas service: The students of our dayschool shared their “What Child is This?” worship service with their friends and families through their recitations, songs, organ/piano solos, handbells, recorders, chime bells and kinder bells.

Thrivent Choice Dollars: For the months of January through December, 2018 – over $4,573 was donated to our school through the “Choice Dollars” program sponsored by Thrivent.  Thank you very much for remembering, helping with, and blessing the ministry of St. John Lutheran School.

Good Byes!: Graduation was held on May 24th. God’s Blessings were given to Abby Ratts, Hannah Ratts and Rose Walton when they received their diplomas.

THANK YOU!  Thank you for your prayers!  Thank you for your comments and suggestions!  Thank you for your financial support!  Thank you for allowing us to be a ministry of St. John Lutheran Church of Alma!  Thank you for the blessing of 145 years of quality Christian education reaching the lives of children from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Finally, the mission of St. John Lutheran School is to “provide a  foundation in Jesus Christ and develop the God given talents of learning.”

- Rock Solid,
Mrs. Angie Messer, Principal