(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
 To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ! 
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Spiritual Growth
EASTER AND ITS CELEBRATION LASTS 50 DAYS. We enjoy the blessings of our Savior, and we celebrate those blessings, for Christ has risen!

JUBILATE CHOIR of Lutheran High School at Parker (Denver) will perform here Saturday April 6, at 7:00pm. Their four-stop tour concludes with us on Saturday night. They will travel back to Denver on Sunday, after worshiping with us. We will provide a meal for them Saturday evening at 6:00. We will prepare Sloppy Joes, and we ask the congregation join us for supper and to bring salads and desserts to help feed the 35 voice choir. The community is invited, and a free-will donation will be received after the concert.

COMMUNION SATURDAY EVENING APRIL 6 WILL BEGIN AT 5:45. It will be an abbreviated form of the confessional service, so that we may join the Lutheran High School choir for supper at 6:00pm. The choir concert will also be worshipful, and we ask those who come to stay for the concert.

NEW MEMBER WELCOME AFTER CHURCH ON SUNDAY APRIL 7. With adult confirmations and several baptisms upcoming, the elders want to host a basket dinner to welcome them to our church. Please bring a main dish and a salad or dessert. Drinks and tableware will be provided, In March we received Alyssa and Cole Bierman, Ryan Butler, Karen McDaniel, and Bill and Emily Barnes.

BIG BREAKFAST WILL BE APRIL 6, from 7:00-10:00 am. Pancakes, eggs, juice, bacon or sausage, and fixings for tastiness will be served. Proceeds will be used for the St. John Benevolence Fund, which helps people deal with special circumstances in life.

FAITH AT WORK is a Lutheran service event where groups find and meet community needs in the name of Jesus. The LCMS Kansas District invites our congregations, and schools to reserve April 7, 2024, for the Faith at Work kick-off Sunday! See: 

VBS LEADERS are needed. Come on April 15! 

ADULT CLASS: We have interest in beginning a membership class to begin or enhance membership at St. John Lutheran Church. No dates are set, but if you know of someone who would like to know more about St. John, please tell them and pass their name on to Pastor Grimm at the church office.

Date        Bible Text                  Theme                                          Hymns                                                      Order of Worship

03/31       Mark 28:1-10              Written: He Is Risen                    480 - 456 - 470 - 457                                  P&P, page 260
03/31       Mark 16:1-8                Roll Back the Stone                    463 - 475 - 461 - 467 - 633* - 474               DS1, page 151
​04/06       Saturday evening Communion at 5:45 p.m.                7:00 P.M.  Lutheran High School Choir, Denver Colorado
04/07       John 20:19-31            Gladness or Doubt?                    525 - 487 - 468 - 482 - 480 - 459 - 488       DS1, page 151
​04/14       Rev. David Gruoner   Guest Preacher                           457 -  490 - 463 - 477                                  DS1, page 151
04/21       John 10:11-18            Hireling or Shepherd?                 411 - 709 - 711  - 609 - 550 - 547                DS1, page 151
04/28       John 15:1-8                Vine or Fruit?                              474 - 611 - 540 - 941 - 924                          Matins, page 219