(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ!
Prepare yourself to bring your best to God. Not simply your offerings, but also your heart.
Honor and worship God by Bible study, prayer, meditation and deeds of faith.

Date        Bible Text           Theme         Hymns                Order of Worship
4-3-19      Exodus 12:3-7      Signs of Lent: Merge     431– tune 423–Choir–433      Prayer,  p. 297
4-7   Phil 3:8-14    The Upward Call of God 425–756–730–642–661-660    DS 2, page 167
4-10 Proverb 14:12Signs of Lent: Dead End440–tune 423–432–421  Prayer, p. 298
4-14 Deut. 32:36ff  No God besides Me      837–444–623-433-420-442–443     DS 2, page 167
4-18 I Cor. 11:23-29      Signs of Lent: Food      436–tune 423–435-634-732–433     DS 2, page 167
4-19 Isaiah 53:4-6  Signs of Lent: Intersection    420–tune 423-450-448-452-878Litany, page 288
4-20 Acts 8:36      Signs: High Water437–tune 423-438-453-433-427Vigil, Altar Book
4-21 I Cor.15:51-57 Signs: Construction Ahead   456-463–468-tune 423–474     Prayer & Preaching, 260
4-21 Is. 66:17-25   How Long to Live? 480–605–633-619-461-556–457     DS 1, page 151
4-28 Acts 5:12-20 Words of Life 467–Wonderful Words–827-463      Matins, page 219

In This Month's
St. John Witness
Spiritual Growth
HOLY WEEK is from Palm Sunday through Easter Day. It is the highlight of the church year as we celebrate the life and death of Christ, and its implications for us. We have junior confirmation on Palm Sunday, with processional communion. We have altar communion with the chalice only on Maundy Thursday. We remember Christ’s death on Good Friday. We do an Easter Vigil with candles on Holy Saturday (including baptism), and we celebrate life with Christ on Easter Sunday, at 7 and at 9:30.

LENTEN SUPPERS AND SERVICES will be held Wednesday evenings April 3 and 10. Following supper from 5:30-6:30, we will have services of prayer, each looking at a different aspect of our God’s grace, revealed in signs of Lent. Meals before our evening services are hosted by various groups in the congregation. On Easter, there will be an Easter breakfast by the youth between services.

EVENING WORSHIP will be Saturday, April 20th, at 6:05 pm. All are welcome to come and join God’s people in worship, especially if Sunday must be a workday.

ELECTRONIC EARPHONES, are available for use to help hearing in the sanctuary. If you need help, please see an usher before the service begins.

CONFIRMATION: “Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” This year’s junior confirmands are:
Shawn Matthew BeckerJohn 3:16
James Edward MacGregor    Joshua 1:9
Shaylea Nichole McIntyre      II Peter 3:18
Jacob Francis Dean Meseke Revelation 2:10
Ashley Kristine Piper     John 10:27-28
Colby Lee Schley Hebrews 13:5
Annalesa Jean Wright   Ephesians 2:8, 9
Aaren Becker will be baptized and confirmed April 20 at the Easter Vigil (Revelation 2:10).

LUTHERANS FOR LIFE are faithful volunteers who help to set up displays in churches or at conferences, give presentations on LFL programs and ministries, plan educational programs and events, organize others to help man LFL booths at conventions, conferences, events ... and witness quietly in their areas. Since we don't have a local chapter in our area, perhaps God is calling you to start one! State Leaders will join us at St. Luke’s Manhattan April 28 to share information about local chapter activities!

2020 VISION: IT’S STILL ABOUT JESUS.  Our first 150th Anniversary event will be May 26, 2019.  We invited Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mayes, of Concordia Theological Seminary, to preach on our Anniversary Bible Theme from Mark10:46-52. We invite people to join us for a community meal after worship.