(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
 To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ! 
In This Month's
St. John Witness
Spiritual Growth
MONEY IS A GOD-GIVEN GIFT. “God meets our needs, not our greeds.” Jesus teaches us to use all our possessions to honor God. The focus of readings, sermons, and prayers this month will describe for us how to use the wealth we have to revere His name and His church, to bless our neighbors, and to care for our family. God also teaches us self-control, so that we do not place ourselves first, but to trust Him as our God and Savior. 

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION IS NOT OPTIONAL. People in Christ’s church learn about God in His truth. They also teach others in words and deeds what it means to be Christian.

GOOD COMMUNICATION is vital for us to serve our Lord together. You are the people of God. You have been made holy by the blood of Jesus Christ. You carry His name into the world, and you are equipped to do so with His love, grace, and truth!
  Pastor Grimm’s hospitalization gives time to reflect on why we do what we do. There will be some changes in his time spent in ministry at St. John. The elders and pastor are asking for patience as continued diagnosis and treatment continue over the next three months. (Specialists will not see Pastor until November, and he is limited to 30-hour workweeks while blood clots dissolve.) Things deemed most important include: preaching and worship; teaching confirmation classes; conducting funerals and weddings; visiting those with expressed needs; then other Bible teaching classes; administration; or meetings. RWG
      Pray for God to bless our church! For the next three months, Church Boards will need to be more self-sufficient and committed to their work in Gospel ministry without the direct ministrations of the pastor. If you are willing to prepare Flocknotes for two weeks, or to provide office help, please contact Cheryl Buttenhoff, who is coordinating these other tasks.

CIRCUIT 8 REFORMATION RALLY: On Sunday, October 29, St. John will host Churches of Circuit 8 (Alma, Alta Vista, Duluth, McFarland, Junction City, Manhattan, Wamego, Wheaton) for the Rally. Rev. Dr. Jon Bruss will be the guest speaker for worship and lecture. We begin at 2:00pm.
   Lecture: “The Seal of the Confessional: What is a pastor’s obligation once he hears confession? Are their circumstances under which he should let others know – the harmed parties, the police, the elders, the congregation? Rev. Bruss will share the expectations of pastors in the Lutheran Church. He will encourage “clean hearts and a pure mind.”

Date        Bible Text                  Theme                                          Hymns                                                      Order of Worship

10/1         Matthew 21:33-46      One Question                            538 - 696 -  619 - 468 - 554 - 531 - 922       DS1, page 151
10/8         Matthew 22:1-14        Good Perception                       912 - 568 - 572 - 761                                    P & P, page 260
10/15       Matthew 13:18-23      The Sower                                 901 - 577 - 686 - 894 - 921 - 662                 DS3, page 184
10/22       Matthew 13:36-43      The Parables of Growth            892 - 772 - 913 - 922                                   Matins, page 216
​10/29       Matthew 13:44-52      Treasures in Heaven                 651 - 645 - 654 - 525                                   P & P, page 260
10/29       Rev. Dr. Jon Bruss     Circuit Reformation                    656 - 748 - 941 - 645 - 578 - 617 - 682       DS5, page 213