(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ!
Prepare yourself to bring your best to God. Not simply your offerings, but also your heart.
Honor and worship God by Bible study, prayer, meditation and deeds of faith.

Date        Bible Text           Theme         Hymns                Order of Worship
9-1    Luke 14:1-14True Humility 578 – 935 – 837-566-461 – 643     DS 1, page 151
9-8    Philemon     Comfort from Love  833 – 835 – 760 – 901 – 922 P & P, page 260
9-15  Luke 15:1-10Finding the Lost     550 – 851 – 686-540-570-609 – 805       DS 3, page 184
9-22  I Timothy 2:1-7    True Prayers  869 - 772 – 779 – 770          Matins, page 219
9-29  Luke 17:1-10LWML Sunday527 – 610 – (803) – 789 – 663       DS 5, p. 213

In This Month's
St. John Witness
Spiritual Growth
THE SMALL CATECHISM of Dr. Martin Luther teaches: “Those who refuse to learn are to be told that they are denying Christ and do not belong to Him.” (Preface) Take opportunities to grow in faith.

HOW TO WORSHIP: Jesus says we must worship God in spirit and in truth. We are the body of Christ, connected by the faith we share in common as His children. That means that we focus on honoring our Savior while we are in church, pleasing Him and blessing his people as we gather in His name. Consider what you do, so that we show love for God and respect others while we are in church. Consider the times when God is speaking to us as the times when we look to him. (To walk out while someone is talking to us is rude.) Consider the times when we respond to God in singing and prayers as a joyful response. (To remain silent when a response is sought from us is impolite.) Consider fellow worshipers as part of Christ’s body, and help them to worship, as what one part of the body feels, the others feel too.

BIBLE STUDY IS A FOUNDATION for Christian Life! We are beginning a new class on Thursday September 19, and Sunday September 22. These two weekly sessions will look at the Book of Kings and the history during the time of the monarchy in Israel. On Sunday mornings, Don Frank leads adults into the Large Catechism in Memorial Hall. Rev. Mayes leads a study on the book of Genesis in the sanctuary, Pastor Grimm teaches the Gospel of Mark. On the 4th Sunday, Rita Stuewe leads the parenting class in the music room at church.

EVENING WORSHIP will be Saturday, September 14th, at 6:05 pm. All are welcome to come and join God’s people in worship, especially if Sunday must be a workday.

October 6. We have invited former vicar, Rev. Karl Yahr to preach. A basket meal will follow after worship.
October 26 Handbell workshop and 3pm concert with Dr. Jessica Kite of CUNE
October 27 Concordia Nebraska will play at the Reformation festival to be held at St. John on Sunday afternoon.
November 10 We have invited former vicar, Rev. John Fries to preach. A basket meal will follow after worship.
January 2020 We have invited former vicar, Rev. Matthew Christenson, army chaplain, to preach. A basket meal will follow after worship.

QUILTS FOR LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF have been made by members of our LWML Friendship Circle. They will be displayed and dedicated on September 29, when we have LWML Sunday.

ELECTRONIC EARPHONES, are available for use to help hearing in the sanctuary. If you need help, please see an usher before the service begins.

AN ADULT INFORMATION CLASS will begin soon. Watch for more information in the weekly Sunday bulletin. This is a basic doctrine class, which begins the membership process here at St. John.

FINANCIAL PEACE uses a combination of humor, informative financial advice, and biblical messages. Dave Ramsey does all the teaching on DVD, with volunteer coordinators leading the discussions after the videos. Look for information about a new class in January.