(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ!
Prepare yourself to bring your best to God. Not simply your offerings, but also your heart.
Honor and worship God by Bible study, prayer, meditation and deeds of faith.

Date        Bible Text       Theme         Hymns                Order of Worship

12-2  I Thess. 3:9-12Blameless in Holiness    350–334–628-357-389*-333   DS 3, page 184
12-5  Luke 1:69-79   Prayer of Zecharias331–770–341 RP, page 282
12-9  Luke 3:1-14     John’s the Baptist  344*-346–833–924       DS 3, page 184
12-12Luke 1:46-50   Prayer of Mary359–412–361       RP, page 285
12-16Philippians 4:4-7      Joy Guards the Heart     349–343–347-387-636-386    DS 3, p. 184
12-16SJLS Children’s Christmas Service379-361–367–380–364–368-387
12-19Luke 2:29-32    Prayer of Simeon   333–344*–365       RP, page 282
12-13Hebrews 10:5-10      Come to Do God’s Will  352–284–353–388 DS 3, p. 184
12-24Titus 2:11-14    Salvation for All      379–354–380-358-363-387    DS 5, p. 213
12-25Titus 3:4-7The Goodness of God   383–385–370-363-621–392    DS 4, page 203
12-30A Service of Carols and Readings  366-393-386-374-379-363-368-373-388  
12-31Isaiah 30:8-17   The Signal (Rev. Vossler)      367–899–376–390  EP, page 243

In This Month's
St. John Witness
Spiritual Growth
CHRIST IS COMING! Being ready to meet God seems like a daunting challenge, yet over and over, we hear the words, “Do not be afraid!” We are blessed to serve God in holiness and righteousness because of Jesus Christ, We trust Him to work within us, and to be ready for His final coming and our heavenly home.

PRAYER is the voice of God’s people with God. Our midweek series will focus on prayers of God’s people, and help us to each pray with trust, with joy, and with thanksgiving..

THREE SEASONS CONCERT: St. John Lutheran Church will host the 16th annual concert of local church choirs on Sunday, December 2. A door offering (either canned goods or cash) will be taken to support Community Health Ministries. A soup supper will follow the concert, by Teens for Christ.

INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS will be December 9. Both newly elected and sitting officers are asked to come forward that we may pray for God’s blessings upon them and the work of Christ in His church at St. John.

EVENING WORSHIP will be Saturday, December 15th, at 6:05 pm. All are welcome to come and join God’s people, especially if Sunday must be a workday.

INVITE A FRIEND! Americans are much more likely to attend church at Christmastime. When asked the question: "If someone you know invited you to attend church with them at Christmas, how likely would you be to attend?" Over half (57 percent) of respondents said they'd be likely to come, reports  LifeWay Research. Think about how much more compelling the gospel message is coming from someone you already know and trust. Who are you more likely to listen to - a stranger on the street handing you a flier telling you to come to church or a friend who's known you all your life and walked with you through thick and thin? This holiday season, I encourage you to find ways to reach out to unbelievers and infrequent churchgoers in your circles- invite them to join you at church

CHRISTMAS CAROLING will be December 20. We will leave church at 6:00pm. All are welcome to come sing with us at the Alma Manor and at homes of homebound members. A supper will be provided to singers after we have sung.

DOOR OFFERINGS: On Sunday, December 2nd , we take up a door offering for the Christmas Stocking fund. On Christmas Eve, the door offering will be for Lutherans for Life. May God bless all the babies He creates, so they may grow to know and love Him just as He loves them.

YOUR HOUSE, OUR HOME. The parsonage Open House will be January 6, 2019. Let’s celebrate Epiphany this year!