(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)
Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
 To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ! 


“Providing a foundation in Jesus Christ and to develop the God-given talents of learning.”

150th Anniversary: June 2, 2024
150th Anniversary Celebration Day – Worship and German Dinner to follow with other activities. All of our SJLS alumni and Lutheran Schools in Kansas will be invited specifically to this celebration. A planning meeting will be April 7th after church.

Dear friends in Christ:
    The Fourth Commandment: Honor your father and your mother.
    It’s hard to believe the fourth quarter is already here! Our scholars have grown for more than 122 days in a rich environment devoted to, “…providing a foundation in Jesus Christ and developing the God given talents of learning.” It’s exciting to know that students are confident in their Christian faith and in their grade level expectations!
    Our religious studies continue to focus on Holy Week. Students are learning about the Disciples, Mary, Martha, and the many miracles Jesus performed while on Earth. During the last week of March, we will focus on the final days before Jesus’ crucifixion. Kindergarten through 3rd graders prepared the Lenten meal on March 20th . Students measured ingredients, diced, fried, and displayed food for St. John Lutheran Church, Alma and Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Wamego! A special thanks to Kathryn Bruning for organizing the efforts in Wamego. SJLS students will be participating in the servant leadership initiative “Faith At Work” in April. Be watching for information about how YOU can also participate with our group of students.
    In April and May, students in K/1 will be working on skills to prepare them for 1st and 2nd grades! We are currently reading “James and the Giant Peach” during read aloud. Students are working on counting money in first grade and comparing objects in Kindergarten. Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs. Miller

    The sunshine makes my students very happy and excited to be outside! This month we are looking forward to The Water Festival at the fairgrounds and a trip to the state capital. We have been learning about both of these in science and social studies. We have also been watching White African Clawed Tadpoles develop in our room!
    In math, we have been doing fractions and decimals in 3rd grade as well as still working with customary measurement units. The 2nd graders mastered analog and digital clocks and are also working on customary measurements. 
    During reading we are getting ready to finish our reading series and will be ending the year with a novel study for both grades! The students will get to choose their books later this month. The final thing we will also work on in reading is earning our ice cream sundaes with accelerated reader points. 
    We have also started working on our play for spring fling and would love for you to join us on Monday, May 6th in the evening for a night celebrating all the student's hard work. 
In Christ,
Mrs. Howard

    Singing praises to the Lord is one of the 4th and 5th grades favorite things to do at St. John Lutheran School. The 4th-5th grade classes enjoyed leading chapel service a couple of weeks before spring break. One of the class’s favorite activities is singing hymns and performing skits for anyone who will watch. It was definitely a fun time for the class. The students our looking forward to performing once again in our school’s spring skit.
     In English Language Arts, the students are starting a unit on diagramming sentences. The 6th-8th grades are continuing to learn more about the different types of modifiers in grammar, while the 4th-5th grades are working on the different types of sentences used in grammar. In reading classes, the students will be completing one last novel study to close out the school year and practice a variety of reading strategies.
    In writing, the students will be working on peer editing and the revision process. The students will be completing a personal narrative essay and a descriptive writing assignment to finish out the school year.
In social studies, the 4th-8th grades have completed the Kansas Social Studies State Assessment and will now begin peer editing and revising their projects to complete the assessment process. The 4th-5th grade students will complete the video series about the Revolutionary War and close out the year with learning about westward expansion. The 6th-8th grade students have finished the study of Kansas History and will complete the year learning about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.
     In tech class, the 4th and 5th grades will continue to practice their typing skills and using new technology to create a pamphlet about St. John Lutheran School. While in strategy class, the 6th-8th grade students will create an informational pamphlet over St. John Lutheran School. The strategies class is looking forward to taking a field trip in late April to Locked Manhattan where the students will have the opportunity to use different strategies to solve puzzles and clues to exit an escape room.
   In art classes, the students are completing their research on Vincent Van Gogh and completing some sponge painting of a Starry Night while the 6th-8th grade classes are completing their Ancient Civilization globes and recyclable art pieces.
In all things, trust the Lord,
Mrs. Greene

ST. JOHN LUTHERAN SCHOOL CELEBRATING 150 YEARS!! We are thrilled to be taking this school year to celebrate the history of St. John Lutheran School and build for the future of the school. The bulletin board in St. John Memorial Hall has some special pictures on it! Throughout the year class pictures from 1961 and beyond will be posted on the board for display. If you know who people are in the pictures, please contact Gayle Grimm so they can be added to the pictures! 
    Make plans to attend the celebration on June 2: 150th Celebration Worship and Dinner.
We are:
Remembering the Past
Celebrating the Present
Building the Future.

WAMEGO BUS: We are still looking for another bus driver/substitute driver for our bus route to Mt. Calvary in Wamego. Morning routes leave SJLS at 6:30 and return at 7:30. Afternoon routes leave SJLS at 3:30 returning by 4:30. One day a week, one morning, one afternoon, or fill-in as a sub when needed, all drivers are appreciated!


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