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The Eagle Cry


Such blessed news that we have called and received acceptance from Mr. Harmon Butler to be the principal next year at St. John. I will be communicating with him to ensure a smooth transition and to support him in any capacity that I can.
The following students have received honor roll recognition for the 3rd Quarter:
A Honor Roll - Elijah Seele (6th Grade)
A- Honor Roll -Aidan Doak (4th Grade)
Tucker Murray (5th Grade)
Haley McClusky (6th Grade)
B+ Honor Roll -      Ava Viergever (4th Grade)
Wyatt Burch (6th Grade)
B Honor Roll - Hannah Piper (6th Grade)
Megan Piper (4th Grade)
It seems impossible that we are embarking on the last quarter for this school year. With the last quarter of school, comes state assessments. The students will be taking their assigned assessments here in a few weeks. The teachers have worked to ensure that the students have the necessary skills and content to prepare them for their assessment.  Mrs. Grimm has worked hard to diligently prepare the technology needs for the assessments as well.
I was able to finalize the visit with the Highway Patrol to wrap up the inspection of the bus to get it approved for student transportation. I really appreciate the support that I was given to work toward this safe mode of transportation for our students.
In school calendar news, we will be following the USD 329 change, after our BOE approval, and  will have a student attendance day on April 8th rather than an in-service day.
The 4th Quarter Chapel project is undetermined at this time, but will be decided soon. We raised $126.46 for our 3rd quarter Chapel project for “Hearts for Jesus”.  Everyone is cordially invited to our weekly Chapels held on Wednesday mornings at 8:40 a.m. in the sanctuary.
St. John Lutheran School was the recipient of $818.00 (for the month of February) through the “Choice Dollars” program sponsored by Thrivent. The following patrons directed their monies to St. John Lutheran School: Sandra Altevogt, Brad Becker, Elaine Becker, Darwin Diehl, Joyce Diehl, Gerald Maike, Juanita Rush, John Savage, Sarah Schurle, Loma Stuewe, Barbara Theel, Phillip Theel.

Yours in education,
Mrs. Angie Messer


In language arts we are continuing to fine tune reading skills and strategies. We have been practicing how to identify the author’s point of view, how to visualize while reading, and how to recognize cause - and - effect relationships in text. We have been practicing the skills of asking answering questions, rereading, and summarizing. In grammar we have been identifying verb tenses and pronouns. During writing we wrote and presented “How to …” speeches.
During math we have been learning to gather and analyze data using charts and graphs. We have been exploring with integers and number theory, as well. We have been studying about animals, magnets, energy, and simple machines in science classes. We finished units on colonial America, ancient China, and the Southeast during social studies. We have created several mixed media art pieces which we plan to display at Spring Fling.
This coming month we have several events to look forward to. Among these are the Topeka Symphony, Gathering of the Talents, and Wet & Wild.

In His Service,
Mrs. Bonnema


It seems that with Spring Break we hopped right over the month of March. In math the students have finished the unit about Money and are working on telling time in 2nd grade while 3rd grade is working with area, perimeter, and volume as well as division. In science we have been working with energy and the motion of energy. The students love all the hands-on activities that come with this unit especially the slinky lab. In social studies we have been learning about endangered animals and how to help protect our environment in preparation of Earth Day on April, 22nd.
We have started our skits for Spring Fling and this year 2nd grade will perform one while 3rd grade performs another. Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 1st to come out and see their hard work. We will also begin looking at The Pony Express and Oregon Trail to prepare for our field trip to see some of these regional historic places later this month or in early May.
We thank God for the warmer weather and the chance to get outside and run!

In Christ,
Miss Holle

Kindergarten and first grade have both been vigorously learning levelized subtraction facts. All of the kindergartners have also started reading Accelerated Reading books. In math class, kindergarten has been studying coin values and will soon start on measurements. 1st grade has learned about sequential numbers. Both classes have been learning about agriculture. We will soon start growing lima bean plants from seeds. We will observe the progress as the seed develops into different stages.

Mrs. Murray  

SJLS PTL SCRIP CARDS: The LTPL has scrip cards on hand if you need any for gifts! See Gayle Grimm for what is available. The LPTL appreciates your support.

THERE ARE GREETING CARDS and napkins in the tub outside of the church office in Memorial Hall. You choose what you need and leave your money in the tub. Thank you for supporting SJLS PTL. Also, don’t forget to save box top seals off of any General Mills product, Best Choice UPC labels and tops from any Coca Cola product. These items help pay for projects enjoyed by the students.

DILLONS COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM: SJLS PTL will get credit for every eligible purchase you make using your registered Plus card. To sign up, see the instructions on our website at

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