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The Eagle Cry


We returned from Winter Break and hit the ground running with our busy school activities.  National Lutheran Schools Week was the last week of January into February.  It was kicked off by the students singing and performing at St. John’s Lutheran Church on January 27th during worship.  They all did a great job! Our chapel offerings this quarter are for “Hearts for Jesus”. 
We had a productive in-service day on January 21st where we had a presenter come to teach us and help us to review our crisis procedures.  We learned some very valuable information and have some new ideas to implement at St. John’s.  We will be having another in-service day on February 18th.  We are bringing a guest Social Worker to our school that day to work with us on being trauma-informed in our work in education.
We were busy getting students ready for the Local Spelling Bee that was held on January 25th.  We had 10 students in Grades 2-6 compete.  We were so very proud of every student who chose to participate.  Sandy Altevogt was our reader/leader for the Spelling Bee and Paul Savage & Linda Orton were our judges. Many thanks to them for giving their time to our school. Our school champions were Emma Seele, Runner-up was Elijah Seele, and Third Place was Lucas Viergever. The county Spelling Bee will be February 12 at 1:30 p.m. at Mission Valley Elementary School. 
We have received word from our insurance company to work with a service professional to get our industrial stove back in working order. We have begun that process and hope to be wrapping this up here shortly.  
We are thankful for the Thrivent Choice Dollars from the month of December for $72.00. The following patrons directed their monies to St. John: Sylvia Palenske.
Thank you for those who have remembered to stop and sign in when you are visiting our school.  Your assistance with this new procedure is very much appreciated.
The mission of St. John Lutheran School is to provide a foundation in Jesus Christ and to develop the God given talents of learning.

Yours in education,
Mrs. Angie Messer


As January comes to an end, we are finishing up novel units in literature groups. We have been reading The Cricket in Times Square, Tuck Everlasting, and A Wrinkle in Time. While some have been required to face the challenge of reading a genre they usually avoid, all have enjoyed the opportunity to read “real books” rather than just sticking to the textbook.
Many students have had their grammar skills stretched this month as well. We have been working on putting skills into practice by proofreading to locate and correct errors in written sentences. Rather than focusing on isolated skills, students have been required to apply a wide range of grammar concepts.
We are continuing to work in developmental spelling groups. This has allowed students to work on spelling skills and strategies at their learning level rather than a prescribed list. In doing so, they are better able to grasp spelling rules and patterns as opposed to simply memorizing the week’s word list.
We have tackled the tough math skills of adding and subtracting fractions, calculating elapsed time, and multiplying decimals.
In science we conducted experiments to help calculate the speed of objects. We also explored processes that help shape the surface of planets.
In social studies fourth grade is studying the Southeast and discovering the many benefits to the mild climate of that region. Fifth grade is wrapping up a lengthy unit about explorers and exploration. We have learned many of the reasons Europeans headed west and some of the cultures they encountered once they arrived. Six graders just completed a unit about ancient India.
In art we have had fun experimenting with painting techniques and creating mixed media projects. We truly have some creative individuals in our class.

In His Service,
Mrs. Bonnema


January was packed with activities and cold snowy days! One of the biggest highlights was spending 2 weeks learning about India and even having a friend whose husband is from India come and cook a traditional Indian dish filled with strange spices. We celebrated NLSW with a mission trip to Peru and lots of learning about their culture. Our special activities in February include our Hearts for Jesus Party and Science City.
2nd grade is moving into probability and stats along with money and clocks in Math. In 3rd grade we are moving into geometry and naming angles. We are working on writing our stories for the Reading Circle Writing competition as well as our soil conservation posters. In reading we are working with expository texts and getting information from other sources than the internet. In Social Studies the children are finishing up state research projects. We have finished space in science and will be moving on to weather.
We wish you all of Christ's Love this Valentine's Day!

2nd & 3rd Grade & Miss Holle


    Kindergarten and 1st grade is anticipating National Lutheran Schools Week. The online mission trip is in Peru this year. We are looking forward to learning Peruvian culture. The spelling words are based on Peru. We will also have activities with weaving, pom-poms, and learning Spanish vocabulary.  Some of the K & 1 lessons are about Peruvian culture such as music, agriculture and native animals. Each child will also be assigned a name that translates (or is similar) to his/her name.
Literacy is exploding in our classroom! Most students have emerged into Accelerated Reading and points are on the rise! This is quite a right-of-passage in a child’s life!
We have also studied habitats and are starting to learn about agriculture.

      Mrs. Murray  

PTL Happenings:
National Lutheran Schools Week (NLSW): The NLSW Committee has a fun-filled week planned for the school from January 27th through February 3rd.  Each day will include games and learning about Peru, the country selected for the Mission Outreach program. NLSW is kicking off with the student singing at St. John on Sunday, January 27th at 9:30 a.m.  A Family Fun Day at CATTS Gymnastics in Wamego will follow from 1 to 3 p.m. with pizza and drinks provided! The NLSW Committee is hosting Special Guest, Greg Peterson one day during the week to entertain the students. The week will finish with the students singing at Trinity on Sunday, February 3rd at 10:00 a.m.  Thank you very much to Sheila Walton and Debbie Burch for organizing this celebration for our school!

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