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Alma, Kansas
A family united by faith in Christ gathering around God's Word and Sacraments.
To reach out in Christ-like concern and Christ-borne love to each other and to those without Christ!
The Eagle Cry


On behalf of St. John Lutheran School, I want to extend our gratitude for those who were able to attend and/or donate to our “Night Among the Stars” auction and dinner. Memorial Hall was decorated fabulously, the food was delicious, and the fellowship that was shared was uplifting.  Special thanks to the volunteers from the LPTL who spent so much time in organizing and preparing this night for our school, and to the families of our school for your special donations for the auction. 
Mrs. Miriam Murray did an amazing job organizing our Veteran’s Day Observed event.  She spent numerous hours putting together a slide show of pictures that were just amazing to view. Pastor Grimm’s Chapel Service was especially moving, and the school children did a marvelous job performing the songs from each branch of the service. The teachers did a great job of preparing and rehearsing with them.
The following Students have received Honor Roll Recognition for the 1st Quarter:
A Honor Roll – Jacob Debler (3rd Grade)
Emma Seele (3rd Grade)
Elijah Seele (6th Grade)
A- Honor Roll -Lucas Viergever (3rd Grade)
Hannah Ringel (4th Grade)
B+ Honor Roll -Aidan Doak (4th Grade)
Tucker Murray (5th Grade)
Wyatt Burch (6th Grade)
Haley McClusky (6th Grade)
B Honor Roll -Megan Piper (4th Grade)
We have been blessed with many donations this first semester. Most recently we received a $500 donation from the Community Health Ministry and for $50 from Friendship Circle for our school lunch fund. We also were recipients of some generous donations during our small kitchen fire. Stop 2 Shop donated ham for our quickly redone school lunch menu and Gambino’s was amazingly fast at preparing pizzas for our altered school lunch for our students and guests.
Our kitchen has been cleaned and ready for use again, except the stove (pending insurance information). Thanks to Rose Debler and her quick reactions, the fire was contained to the stove and the rest was clean up. The response from some of those in attendance that day to assist in any way they could and from the emergency personnel was swift and efficient. 
St. John Lutheran School was the recipient of $288.00 (for the month of October) through the “Choice Dollars’ program sponsored by Thrivent. The following patrons directed their monies to St. John: Marvin Bosse, Jared Palenske and G J Rush. Thank you very much for remembering, helping with, and blessing the ministry of St. John Lutheran School.
You may have noticed a clip board by Door #1 that we are using for guest sign in/out. We are asking all those who enter St. John Lutheran School other than during their assigned times to be there to please sign in/out.  This includes Mrs. Messer since her schedule is never certain.  We are doing this to track those who are in our building in case of such emergencies that we had that day. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance with this new step. 
Blessings to you all this time of year. Hope to see you all at our Children’s Christmas Service at 6:30 p.m. at the church on December 16.  Thank you for assisting in providing a Rock-Solid foundation in God for our students.

The mission of St. John Lutheran School is to provide a foundation in Jesus Christ
and to develop the God given talents of learning.

Yours in education,
Mrs. Angie Messer


Language Arts: We continue to develop reading strategies. Among these are: asking and answering questions while reading, determining the author's purpose, rereading, and making connections. We also continue to practice comprehension skills of sequencing events, identifying problem and solution, and recognizing cause and effect. During grammar we are learning to use and identify types of nouns: singular, plural, proper, common, concrete, and abstract. We are also working on proofreading and correcting errors in written sentences.
Science/Social Studies: We are exploring the topics of space and properties of matter. During social studies we are learning about the Southeast, studying about explorers and the age of exploration, and discovering the wonders of ancient Egypt.
Math: We are learning about fractions and decimals. We are practicing multiplication and division strategies and discovering the relationship between these operations. We are also working on algebraic expressions and equations.

In His Service,
Mrs. Bonnema


December Greetings from 2nd & 3rd,
November was a great month of celebrating our Veterans and all the gifts God has given to us like a warm school to learn about him, and caring people to always help out. A big shout out to the parents who helped in any way on Veterans Day to help make it a great success even with the change in venue. We once again celebrated Thanksgiving with our traditional pie baking lesson, with delicious rewards. The student's really love being in the kitchen and learning practical skills like measuring and reading a recipe.
This month we look forward to Christmas and getting to share Christ's Birth with everyone at our Christmas Service on December 16th! Please come and see all of the student's hard work! We will also be caroling at the downtown businesses on December 18th (weather permitting).
Along with all our Christmas activities the 3rd graders are hard at work with the multiplication while the 2nd graders keep working away at 2 and 3 digit subtraction in math. We have had a few "science" reading stories and even made magnets out of batteries, copper, and nails. The reading stories on space have paired nicely with our science unit about the solar system and the students will be doing a research project on a planet.
We have been doing a lot of voting and even some debating with social studies this month before and following the election. In December we will be focusing more on maps and where the 50 states are all located. We pray you all have a blessed Christmas season filled with family and friends!

In Christ,
Miss Holle


   Kindergarten is learning about building and identifying numbers 6 - 10.  First grade has learned about how fact families correlate with each other. Both grades continue to memorize math facts tailored to his/her level.
    We will soon launch into winter literature, including poetry. We will also participate in art projects to coordinate with the literature. K-3 also have plans to go Christmas caroling later this month to spread cheer regarding Jesus' birth.  K-3 has also been invited to sing at the courthouse's Christmas party.

     Because of His Birth,
      Mrs. Murray  

SJLS PTL SCRIP CARDS: Last chance to order scrip gift cards for Christmas. Orders need to be turned in by December 6th. Order blanks are included in this newsletter or are also on the table outside the church office. If you miss this deadline, the LPTL, typically has a variety of gift cards on hand. Watch for a table to be set up after worship services or contact Gayle Grimm. The LPTL appreciates your support.

THERE ARE GREETING CARDS and napkins in the tub outside of the church office in Memorial Hall. You choose what you need and leave your money in the tub. Thank you for supporting SJLS PTL. Also, don’t forget to save box top seals off of any General Mills product, Best Choice UPC labels and tops from any Coca Cola product. These items help pay for projects enjoyed by the students.

DILLONS COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM: SJLS PTL will get credit for every eligible purchase you make using your registered Plus card. This is a terrific way to help the LPTL provide more for the students, staff, and teachers at no additional cost to you! To sign up, see the instructions on our website at

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