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The Eagle Cry


End of 3rd quarter. It’s hard to believe we are at the end of 3rd quarter.  It has been an incredible year thus far!  Thank you for your support of St. John Lutheran School.
Fishy. Both the middle school and junior high science classes are taking a detour to study fish and their environment. They will finish dissecting a perch before spring break in Science class. At the same time we are researching and budgeting for the materials (fish, gravel, live plants, filter, decorations, etc) needed to set up an aquarium (Math class).  Please stop by and see the finished project during the week after spring break.
German. German class has come to an end for year. It has been an awesome offering for our students.  Thank you Herr Orton!
Ski Trip. We had a great day on the slopes.  It was a bit of a cold day (2° F when we arrived); however, the snow was great and the crowd was more than bearable. We had no injuries and to the best of my knowledge all of the adults were mostly pain free the next day. 
Gathering of the Talents. The annual trip to Concordia Nebraska is quickly approaching (March 28). Pastor Vossler is working with the class to polish its music pieces while the non-music (Art and Literary) entries have already been submitted for “judging”. 
2020-21. Our doors are open for new students.  In February kindergarten students visited class and parents listened to and discussed the benefit of the Christian education available at St. John.  Please let me know of ANY families that you believe would like more information about St. John. I am available for visits, phone calls, and/or emails.  There is room for more children to hear the Word while learning about the incredible world God has made for us.

Mr. Harmon Butler

   Both kindergarten and first grade have been studying about money and learning to count it.  We have also been learning about the 5 senses in health class.  We have made booklets and participated in activities to help us rediscover the senses we sometimes take for granted.
   Kindergarten and first grade had the opportunity to visit Science City with the 2nd and 3rd grade.  We also participated in a robotics class as well.  The robotics class featured simplistic coding.

Mrs. Murray


I would like to thank everyone who came and showered me with well wishes, blessings and prayers this last month.
We have been studying black history month and the wild west and the student's just finished up there African American Inventor Reports which were a lot of fun.
The student's had a great time at Science City and then spent some time learning about the human body. We focused on the immune system/germs and the heart to partner with Jump Rope for Heart.
My 3rd graders have gotten very good at division and will be moving on to factions this month while my 2nd graders are working hard on making change and hope to get through time this month. If time permits we will also begin geometry.
We will be beginning this month with ITBS testing and a fun week of Dr. Seuss! The students did a great job in the Reading Circle writing contest and I have 4 winners in my room!! We also wrote love poems for Valentine’s Day and worked on our direction giving skills by writing how to make a PB&J. We then tested our directions and revised until we had a successful enough set to eat the results.
This month will fly by as we discuss the reason of lent in preparation for Easter next month and start the 4th quarter of school!!! I have no idea where this year has gone already...

Miss Holle


It’s good to be back and in full-swing. Thank you Mr. A. for filling in while I was away. It truly was the experience of a lifetime.
During language arts, fourth and fifth graders completed a literature study of the novel “Because of Winn-Dixie”. They practiced skills such as visualizing, summarizing, and making connections. Sixth and seventh graders completed the novel “Moon Over Manifest”. All students are learning to identify parts of speech. We have also begun a unit in expository writing in preparation of our spring research projects.
During social studies, fourth and fifth grade studied about the events that lead the colonies to fight for independence. Sixth and seventh graders are studying about Kansas’s bloody and tumultuous beginnings.

Mrs. Bonnema

PTL Items

SJLS LPTL SCRIP GIFT CARDS:  These make great gifts and there are usually several on hand. Contact Gayle Grimm to see what’s available.

BOX TOPS: Box Tops is changing to fit today’s families! Scan your receipt in the new and improved Box Top mobile app. The app will instantly find participating products and add the earnings to our SJLS account. No more cutting, sorting and counting Box Tops. Scan any receipt from Dillons, Hyvee, Aldi’s, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc.  Simple, easy money for our school. Box Tops for Education helps teachers purchase supplies for their classrooms, art/music/science/PE supplies and much more!  Get the app today and start scanning!  Encourage neighbors, family and friends to get the app as well.  Let any of the PTL Officers know if you have any questions or need help!  We will continue to take paper Box Tops so please keep saving them too. You can continue to drop your paper Box Tops off at the school, or contact a St. John PTL member and we would be happy to pick them up from you.  Or you may give them to your favorite SJLS student to bring to school.  Thank you for your support! 

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